2018 Annual Report

Life to
the fullest
in Jesus.

Princeton Alliance Church exists to help people live life to the fullest in Jesus by knowing God, developing community and bringing hope.



Dear Church Family,

In John 10:10, Jesus says, “I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly.” God intended that the message of life to the fullest be carried to all people through his church. He has given us the responsibility of introducing the world to the one individual who can provide life to the fullest, Jesus. To do so, we must first know God personally. Only then can we help others do the same. As we develop relationships and live in community with others, our personal stories intersect. The story of your relationship with Jesus will bring hope.

This is life to the fullest in Jesus—knowing God, developing community and bringing hope. And this is what happens when we take our responsibility seriously. Read on!

In Christ,

Dr. Boyd Hannold
Lead Pastor



Average weekend attendance


Individuals attended worship at PAC for the first time


Individuals engaged as Members

"There was one more moment that stood out for me, and it was when I attended the membership class with Pastor Boyd. We read Ephesians 2:8-9, and I was blown away. We are saved by grace, through faith and not by works. NOT BY WORKS. For so many years I believed that I had lost everything because of what I did or didn't do, and when I failed, as I am sure to do, I would try to shield myself from God. But that day Pastor Boyd said that we are saved because of the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice and our faith in his promise. There are no works that we can do to save ourselves, but God asks for our faith. That was like a revelation in my head that was freeing. I was literally excited that all I needed was faith."


Baptized Feb 25, 2018

Lives are
being changed!


Individuals declared their faith publicly through baptism

“I am loved. I am forgiven. I am a child of God. I have hope for the first time in a long time.”


Baptized November 25, 2018


Individuals put their faith in Jesus for the first time

“Since I have come to know and accept Jesus as my Savior, my life is filled with more joy and peace. Through daily reading His words, I feel my relationship to Him is getting closer every day. I know I can trust Him.”


Baptized November 25, 2018

"I convinced myself it was good while a part of me kept telling me it wasn't. The more I sinned, the more I felt empty and alone. The more I felt empty and alone, the more I started looking for wrong things to fill that emptiness. I used ambition, food, male attention, alcohol and drugs. These were only momentary satisfactions. I was ashamed and felt undeserving of God's forgiveness. I cried for a long time because I knew I was. I felt God reminding me that it is never too late to repent. I was ashamed and I felt God repeat that it is never too late to receive his forgiveness. I asked God to renew a right spirit in me."


Baptized February 25, 2018

Local Ministry

Our Local Ministry Fund supports Sunday and Midweek Ministries, He Cares We Care benevolence initiatives, community engagement, operations, staffing, communications, capital improvements, and church multiplication.

Church Multiplication

Our church multiplication team has defined a strategy which will allow PAC to begin identifying leaders and locations for future churches in central New Jersey.

Baby Dedications

14 children were dedicated by their parents to signify their commitment to live a life of Christlike faithfulness.

Local Outreach

PAC supported Plainsboro’s 3 Summer Blast events in the local parks and is a proud sponsor of Plainsboro’s Centennial year.

Relief Teams

A team of 4 was sent to partner with Operation Blessing’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Michael hit Florida.


Families shop monthly in our food pantry


Cars given away by our CARS Ministry


Thanksgiving blessing boxes provided to food pantry families


Backpacks full of school supplies given to food pantry families


Families residing at a local welfare motel served each week


Children received gifts from The Christmas Store



Community Groups


Group Leaders


Group Members

"Since I accepted Jesus, reading God’s word, praying, attending PAC and fellowshipping with the families in my small group have all been instrumental in helping me grow in understanding, trust, community and relationship and I look forward to serving in whatever way I am called to serve. I trust that Jesus has a plan for me and my family, and I know that I am not alone anymore."


Baptized February 25, 2018

“Before I accepted Jesus as my Lord I adopted the idea that God didn’t care about people like me. I shut myself off from any idea of God and suffocated from severe depression which led me to a life which centered around drugs and alcohol. One day an old friend invited me to attend Princeton Alliance. I took a leap of whatever faith I did have and came to church one Sunday. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Through just simply showing up I soon realized that I am just a sinner seeking forgiveness.”


Baptized February 25, 2018

PAC Young Adults

We are committed to following Jesus daily and living out our faith in our schools, workplaces, and other communities. We provide the space to explore one's identity, belonging, and purpose each week as we gather to worship, pray, study God's Word, and build authentic friendships. There's a saying that we use often here, "You can belong before you believe." We believe that every person matters to Jesus and we have intentionally built our community around the premise that each person's story is an integral part of who we are as a collective.

PAC Youth

We create environments where middle and high school students can meet and follow Jesus through weekly gatherings, annual retreats and mission trips. Passionate worship, dynamic teaching, and authentic community help us grow closer to Jesus. We believe there is nothing more powerful than Christ alive in the hearts of the next generation, and we pursue God with everything we have to that end!

“I came to PAC when I was 11 after a good friend told me how great it was. I felt a strong connection to God my first day of coming here. I sang at worship and listened to the pastor’s message. I walked away with a filled heart and an eagerness to build on this newly established relationship. I wanted to come back every Thursday. Instead of my parents forcing me to go to church like before, I went on my own. After coming more and spending more time with God, I made the personal decision to follow Jesus.”

Sonya, 14 years old

Baptized February 25, 2018

“Jesus came to earth to help all people and wanted us to continue to help them. I want to know Jesus more personally. I want to start a new life that shows who He is, really, to me. I want others to know that Jesus loves them.”

Michael, 11 years old

Baptized February 25, 2018

PAC Kids

Partnering with parents to ignite a child’s passion for faith through wonder and discovery.

Summer Camp

36 professions of faith at Summer Camp. 19% of our campers do not attend church regularly. 33% attended for first time.

“I’ve heard about Jesus since I was 4. We sang about Him and prayed to him and I listened to stories about Him. One day, Mom and I were talking and I asked where Jesus lived and she said in your heart! And I knew He did!”

Willow, 9 years old

Baptized August 26, 2018



Volunteers serve regularly


Volunteers engaged with a new ministry

"I started attending PAC when my son, Steven, joined the worship team. Witnessing Steven’s spiritual growth has been inspiring and encourages me to follow Jesus even more. More recently I have been feeling God’s tugging in my heart to be more of service to others, which is why I became a volunteer in the Promised Land and went on the mission trip to Brazil last year. I am ready to make a deeper commitment to follow Jesus and I want God to continue using me for his glory and to be a blessing to others."


Baptized August 26, 2018


Mission Trips


Trip Participants


Partner Countries



Dominican Republic






Southeast Asia


Global Ministry Fund Synopsis


Individuals pray regularly for our mission partners


Given to support our missionary partners


Short-term team members raised the additional prayer support and funding necessary to send 12 mission teams

"The summer of 2017, after my first year of middle school, things started to take a bit of a turn. I had many days where I just didn’t see how there was a God who loved me, and was there to help, not harm. I thought, if He were really there, then why couldn’t He keep my family together? And why was I struggling so much? I felt alone, misunderstood, and confused. I was in a dark place. Thanks to my incredible friends, family, and my leaders, I finally found the trust and faith to believe in God. I am so blessed to have all of them in my life. And I’m so thankful to be able to finally declare myself a believer. The day I accepted God into my life was on a Wednesday in July of 2017 on a summer mission trip.”

Caitrin, 13 years old

Baptized November 25, 2018


We communicate in relevant ways with the family of PAC and the community we serve so that people see and hear the message of salvation.


24,925 viewers
3.3 pages per session
153,772 page views


16,820 media plays
30,228 app launches


150 new followers


84 countries

11 Sermon Series:

We launched our new website in September where you can:

• Schedule a visit
• Join a community group
• Donate a car
• Share your story
• Invest in ministry

"I met people my age at church who used to live a worldly life like myself, but had miraculously repented and were strong believers now. It didn’t scare me, it excited me. After coming to church more, asking questions, reading the Bible, and listening to worship music, I came to faith last December. Life isn’t easy being a Christian. It’s not cool, it’s not 'hip', and it’s difficult every day. There is always that initial discomfort when I tell people I am a believer and they think I am joking, or even make fun of me. Everyone wants to hear about what was so awful in my life that I HAD to follow Jesus. I will never be perfect, but that is why Jesus is. I rest easy knowing that I can conquer anything with God on my side. I even appreciate the storms, because I know that God is preparing me, and making me stronger for what’s ahead. I fully trust in Him; He LOVES me, He has a plan, and He will never leave my side. God is so good, and the fruits of His grace are abundant. As a result, 2018 has been the best year of my life. I owe it all to our Savior, Jesus Christ. My only regret is that I didn’t hear the good news sooner. AMEN!"


Baptized August 26, 2018



Total Giving in 2018


Local Ministry Fund


Global Ministry Fund


Online Giving


Recurring Online Giving


Households Contributed

Thank You!

As carriers of this message of hope, we are followers who constantly listen to the Holy Spirit for direction, empowerment, and renewal. We are cultivators who passionately build relationships inside and outside the church. We are leaders who systematically develop spiritual growth and leadership potential. We are communicators who relentlessly inform and inspire as we live out what it means to be a believer. We are evaluators who seek to consistently improve everything we do so that the church remains relevant in this world.

We grow, serve, and belong. We pray, give, and go. We know God, develop community, and bring hope. Jesus’ message of life to the fullest is carried to all people through his church.

Thank you for living life to the fullest in Jesus.